Baler: Beyond Sabang

SUMMER is not yet over. While we are experiencing rains and thunderstorms these days, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has predicted that the rainy season will come middle of June.

That only means that there is still time to catch your one last epic summer adventure. Those in search for one could head over to the town of Baler in Aurora province. There, you can enjoy the big waves of Sabang Beach and try surfing for the first time.

An already known surfing destination in Northern Philippines, local tourists are seen lining the shore of Sabang on top of surfboards. Why not when surfing lessons come at a very affordable P300 fee per hour.

But while many go to Baler expecting to hit the waves, surprisingly though, this quaint and historical town in Luzon have more water escapades to offer.

Here are other “wet” destinations you can visit when in Baler:

Dicasalarin Cove

Dicasalarin Cove and Bay is a hidden paradise found at the southeastern area of Baler, which opens up to the vast Pacific Ocean.

The secluded Dicasalarin cove is truly less crowded compared to the famous Sabang Beach
There, a rustic resort, which is owned by the political and public servant family of the Angaras. According to locals, former Sen. Edgardo Angara Sr. could be seen lounging around in his personal villas on weekends. Everyone needs peace and quiet and I’m sure he finds it at Dicasalarin Cove.

More villas are available for accommodations for people who want to spend more time at the secluded cove–away from all of Sabang Beach’s crowd and happenings.

The Pagasa satellite office is responsible of monitoring weather patterns over the Pacific Ocean
But for those pressed with time or budget, they could always opt for a day tour and just pay the resort’s entrance fee. Here’s what to do:

  • Swim! Take a dip at the beach’s clear water with friendly waves. Also, the sand is white so if you are a beach person, this is the perfect place for you.
  • Climb! Go up the steep stairs of one of the hills in Dicasalarin where a lighthouse sits on top. And once there, challenge yourself once more to climb the metal stairs of the lighthouse. If not brave enough, just savor the view of the surroundings including rock formations, mountains and the vast Pacific Ocean.After the cool dip and exciting climb, take a break at the resort’s restaurant that serves good pizza. Or walk to the Artist’s House which serves as a gallery with local artworks, photographs, and sculpted wooden furniture.
  • Visit PAGASA. When going to Dicasalarin Cove, make sure to stop by the PAGASA station, which you will pass by. Found at the highest point of the cove’s mountain, its location is perfect to monitor the weather patterns of Northeastern Luzon. Take time to talk to the weather forecasters and observers to understand the importance of their work.
  • Digisuit Beach 

If Sabang Beach boasts of crashing waves, Diguisit Beach is proud of its rock formations
While you can also swim in the beach, it’s more fun to explore the various rock formations–big or small–which can be accessed and climbed by foot when the tide is low.

Hanging Bridge 

Baler’s hanging bridge Sure is sturdy
Last stop before you head back to Baler’s Sabang or town proper will be the favorite destination of locals and visitors alike, the hanging bridge.

Are you adventurous enough to cross the hanging bridge? Well, there is nothing to worry because the bridge is now safe and secure except of course for the bumpy and shaky feeling when people are crossing.

Once made of only wooden planks and ropes, the hanging bridge is now reinforced
My brother tells me that its condition now that tourism is picking up in Baler has greatly improved. Before, it used to have missing wooden planks!

These are just some of the other destinations featuring bodies of water that you can visit in Baler besides Sabang. Make sure to check them out the next time!


Baler: Around Town.

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