In Photos: Surf's Up in San Juan

SUMMER is quickly approaching. We feel it in the humid, afternoon air and we see it in the clear, blue skies. The next thing we know, we are already heading for the beach.

Yes the beach! The fine sand on our feet, our bodies dipped in crystal waters, and the sea breeze filling our lungs. Who just doesn’t love relaxing in the beach?

Well actually, there are those who love getting action in the beach, especially if their destination is San Juan in La Union, considered the surfing capital in Northern Philippines.

A famed surfing spot for newbies and pros alike this part of the country, San Juan provides a steady stream of North Swell from the months of October to April. According to blogsite, the sea sport was introduced to locals in the late 1970s by a Japanese surfer named Aki Naga.

Since then, the community embraced surfing and eventually, it became the town’s major tourist draw, therefore providing livelihood and helping the economy. And throughout the years, resorts, hostels, surf schools and restaurants have sprouted along this stretch of West Philippine Sea.

Today, eager first-timers flock to San Juan to surf, and afterward, enjoy the laidback vibe of the surfing community.

It’s accessibility from Manila—being just five hours away if driving or commuting via provincial buses—is also a big factor in its ever-growing popularity.

And one fine Saturday in March, TJPh found herself riding the waves of San Juan along with her travel buddy Xerlyn of

Check out our surfing action photos:

Initial surfing 101 by our instructor Kelvin. Center your body in the board and place your hands beside your chest,
your strong foot bended. This is the best position to hoist yourself up once a wave is caught under the long board.
Upon standing, slowly lift your upper body using your arms and step forward your strong foot,
then immediately bend your knees and balance.
Being taken by the waves. Other safety pointers to note include jumping off the board five meters
from the beachfront, avoiding the long board upon falling, and covering your head when submerged in water.
Not sure if Xerlyn is surfing or flying… But really, she was good at it
just like how good she is in all physical activities we embark on.
Me riding the waves cautiously despite the adrenaline. Haha!
Someone’s obviously happy that our “unplanned” surfing trip materialized. Achieved!
Ngiting tagumpay. J
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