A Taste of Sweet Success at Don Papa Rum’s ‘Sugarlandia’

A PROUDLY Filipino alcohol label, Don Papa Rum marked its fifth anniversary this September by paying homage to its roots, the Island of Negros.

It was a fitting celebration to the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines indeed as Pineapple Lab was transformed into a festive Sugarlandia. It was also a taste of sweet success for Don Papa Rum, which is not only available here in the country but also in 21 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and South Africa.

Here’s the many happening as guests immersed in a world of flavors, aromas, sights, sounds, and movements of Sugarlandia:

First, guests were transformed into creatures of Sugarlandia through a mask making activity as they personalized and embellished masks that represent Sugarlandia fauna.

The mask-making activity unleashed everyone’s creativity.

This transformation was forged by “The Ritual,” a drink for the wholeheartedly independent curated by the Don Papa mixologists, Enzo Lim and Kathryn Eckstein. These libations left guests with the rich taste of Sugarlandia.

Don Papa Rum mixologists Enzo Lim and Kathryn Eckstein.
The movement of Sugarlandia was expressed by the dance performances of Fundacion Central Flamenco, inspired by the animals and creatures found from within the land. The sounds were provided by the performances of one-man-band Hoochie Coochie Mikkie and Mario Serrano.

Performances by Fundacion Central Flamenco, Hoochie Coochie Mikkie and Mario Serrano.
Don Papa paid tribute to the winners and finalists of the Don Papa Art Competition featured in a wall of fame exhibition.

Works of winning artists are featured at the event.
Whilst the Don Papa tree is an interactive installation symbolizing continuous growth and expansion while remaining rooted to its origins

The Don Papa tree.
“We are quite happy with all the support and enthusiasm Don Papa has received since we launched in 2012. We are grateful for all the attention that has been given to the brand. The introduction of Sugarlandia is meant to give our followers, old and new, a richer brand experience to drink in.” said Stephen Carroll, founder of Chat Noir Co. Inc. makers of Don Papa Rum.

Stephen Carroll, founder of Chat Noir Co. Inc. makers of Don Papa Rum.
The event concluded with the announcement of their upcoming initiatives for rest the year. Among the exciting events is the release of Don Papa Rum’s latest offering, the Rare Cask and the 3rd Annual Don Papa Art Competition 2017. Alongside these initiatives is the first ever Don Papa Cocktail Competition in the Philippines.

Guests have two new special gift packs and the Don Papa 10-year-old for the holidays.

Named after Negro's revolutionary and sugarcane farmer in the Spanish era,
the spirit of Don Papa Isio lives. 

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