Guam Gets it Going

JUST when I least planned it, 2016 became my most traveled year to date, for personal and professional purposes combined. Add to that the fact that most of my adventures in and out of the country had been very spontaneous, with surprises along the way.

Take for example my first major trip for the year, which was also very unexpected. This was for Cebu Pacific’s inaugural flight to Guam, an American territory requiring a US Visa. Just when I, and the rest of the Philippine media representatives, thought our participation to the important milestone would not push through, it did. Out Visas got approved the day before the flight, and we got hold of them at the airport before checking in. Talk about luck.

The result was a trip I would never forget thanks to the charming people of Guam, its appetizing cuisine that can be too familiar at times, and  all the valuable learning about its culture and history that I took home. Taking into account also the fun lifestyle reporters and editors that I was with, as well as people from Stratworks PR and Cebu Pacific who took care of us so well!

I was then representing and covering for The Manila Times and my story was published in the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine. (Read Glimpses of Guam)

Published April 3, 2016
And here are the photos I captured to remember by in the years to come:

Traditional Chamorro performances and beautiful Guamainians smiles await every Visitor in Guam

Two Lovers Point is a famous tourist destination in Guam that depicts the legend of two Chamorro lovers who chose not to be separated by fate. Thus, it is a popular place where couples make a vow with each other through love locks.

Guamainians love to grill! Must taste are grilled Turkey Leg
at the Chamarro Village and Chicken Kelaguen from Jamaican Grill

For the sea lovers, make a visit at the Fish Eye, an undewater observatory
where one can witness the rick marine life of the Pacific Ocean


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