Music and Adventure for the Holidays

I HAD always dreamed of spending the holidays in Pampanga where the popular Giant Lantern Festival is staged every year. I have always wished of seeing a storey high parol dancing with multitudes of colors through thousands of bulbs, the wonder still made by the hands of craftsmen despite modernization. 

Well, this year did not fulfill my dream but instead, I was able to experience a different take on Kapampangan holidays. It was musical and adventurous at the same time--all thanks to SandBox, the exciting destination inside Alviera in Porac town.

While I had personally visited SandBox just recently, this trip was for work and it entailed experiencing the adventure park's night operations every Friday and Saturday that featured OMP bands alongside Kapampangan acts. On our visit on December 3, we enjoyed the music of Ki Ro and 6 Cyclemind that kicked off Holiday Beats. It was indeed a fun night as the cheerful crowd sang with their favorite bands.

6 Cyclemind fills SandBox with its catchy tunes
Chocolate Factory and Moonstar 88 played back-to-back on December 9; while Che Che Bureche and Hale will culminate Holiday Beats on December 17.

The adrenaline-filled rides in full swing while music plays in the background
While world-class Filipino music played in the background, SandBox adrenaline-filled rides were in full-swing sans the daytime heat! With moonlit and star-filled sky, the longer and tougher Aerial Walk is also now more scenic as you go through the obstacle above ground.

Over at the Adventure Tower, feel the chilly breeze as you rush in zig-zags and go on unexpected dips via Avatar One, a 180-meter long roller coaster zipline which is the first in Asia.

Avatar One, a 180-meter long roller coaster zipline which is the first in Asia
Cold sweat will run down your body as you try to conquer wall climbing, rappelling and free-falling. Lastly, scream your lungs out and into the night at the Giant Swing at 10 meters high.

With moonlit and star-filled sky, the longer and tougher Aerial Walk is now more scenic
To complete the holiday experience, SandBox added new food options for their Christmas visitors.

Refreshment after all the exciting and tiring activities? Then try the delectable drinks of Monster Milkshakes. The icy and milky goodness comes in flavors of Speculos cookies, hazelnut, strawberry, nutty brownie and so much more! The dining outlet prepares savory snacks like hotdogs and waffles to complement the milkshakes.

El Pedro Cubano is an authentic Cuban restaurant that offers sandwiches, arroz marquitas (chips with salsa), tucca fritas (cassava fries with salsa), tamales, and empanadas.

Refreshment after all the exciting and tiring activities care of Monster Milkshakes
If craving for comfort cuisine—the ones Pampanga is best known for—then visit Morgan’s Comfort Food. Inspired from what a typical Kampampangan lola (grandmother) will prepare on a Sunday lunch, Morgan’s cooks dishes like sisig rice, tocino, lechon kawali, and fried spring rolls, among others.

As gift to adventure- and music-loving Kapampangans and Filipinos, SandBox’s entrance fee for entire December was free.

Located inside Alivera in Porac, Pampanga, SandBox is accessible via NLEX-SCTEX. For more information, visit and For inquiries, email or contact 0917-8033099 or 432-0014.


The story is originally published at Jetsetter Asia. 


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