A Sea Voyage to Boracay

2Go Travel’s MV St. Ignatius of Loyola

I HAVE always preferred air travel over sea voyage despite the fact that I have never tried the former giving me no basis for comparison.

Well or starters, flying is always faster than seafaring, making it appear more efficient and stress-free. Also, there is this widely accepted concept that the air is “safer” than the sea, which has, after all, swallowed ships as big as the Titanic. Unless of course flights get delayed, and plane tragedies take place (I totally hope not!).

If you also think like this, then it’s high time we consider traveling via passenger and cargo vessels—otherwise known as RO-ROs (roll-on-roll-off ships)—especially if boarding the MV St. Ignatius of Loyola (SIL) of 2Go Travel.

Representing Jetsetter Asia, I joined of a media familiarization aboard SIL bound for the beautiful island of Boracay in September 2016. And an enlightening experience it truly was.

Safe and Sound

If fear is what stopping you, then hear the words of SIL’s captain of five years, Bobby Montayre: “There is a bigger chance to survive in a sea tragedy than in a plane crash, if that’s the main concern. It is really safer.”

The ship’s captain of five years, Bobby Montayre, with his bridge crew
Capt. Montayre also shared that overloading is not a possibility at SIL, or any 2Go Travel passenger ship for that matter, because of a computerized ticketing system and strict security measures.

The ship’s state of the art radar
On commanding the ship, he is assisted by three mates at the bridge, as well as hundreds more as part of the crew.

Doubts of safety now far at bay—pun intended—I truly felt safe and sound at SIL.

Cool and Clean

When it comes to accommodations offered by SIL, one will not be disappointed because high standards of cleanliness is maintained by 2Go Travel even with the most affordable economy class.

High standard of cleanliness is maintained by 2Go Travel at all types of accommodations
There are three more accommodations to choose from. Next one is tourist class with cozier bunk beds on closed and air-conditioned public area.

For privacy, choose the Cabin Class, seven private rooms that can accommodate four passengers like a group of friends.

But if seeking exclusivity, then book the Stateroom with a spacious bed and a bunkbed. This is the choice of families..

The Stateroom’s double sized bed
Both Cabin and Stateroom have its own television, A/C, and bathroom, as well toiletries, blankets and towels for each passenger

Family and Friends

As an inter-island voyage like Manila to Boracay (and vice versa) usually lasts for an average of 10 hours, passengers have plenty of time to spend aboard SIL.

The view of the lobby from the mezzanine 
Thankfully, there are facilities where families and friends can enjoy their time together, as echoed by Capt. Montayre. “You can spend the time together, and even meet new people,” he said.

Begin with befriending the SIL’s warm cabin crew upon arrival at the Front Office. And then, choose from Mezzanine or Lobby Lounge where passengers can play cards, watch TV or just hang out.

Horizon Cafe serves traditional Filipino dishes
Dining is also equivalent to bonding and this is true at the Horizon Café. As the main food outlet, it serves traditional Filipino food that makes passengers as if they never left home.

The perfect chill out place
Come nighttime, chill out at the Fiesta Island Bar at the open deck. Here, drinks can be had while listening to live band music.

Overall, traveling aboard 2Go Travel’s SIL is nothing but comfortable and fun.

Besides Boracay, other destination that 2Go Travel operates to include Romblon, Bacolod City, Puerto Princesa City, Cagayan de Oro City, Iloilo City, and Cebu City, among others. To book with 2GO Travel, visit http://travel.2go.com.ph/eTicket/.


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