Musings from Mount Tagapo

“FOR Instagram.”

This was the answer of a group of youngsters—in other words, Social Media-addict Millennials—to the question locals poised them before climbing Mt. Tagapo in Talim Island, Laguna de Bay.

I knew of the story because the very same people asked us at Random Act of Kindness (RAK) the very same question. If you still don’t know about RAK, it is a group of outdoor enthusiasts, environment lovers, and generous volunteers that climbs for a cause. So we answered that our climb was for raising funds for our outreach programs, as well as for some lessons on Basic Mountaineering Course.

During the Basic Mountaineering Course done by parts every break
Apparently, the Millennials were there just hours ahead of us. Good for them because I swear, if I heard them say that somewhere in the mountain, I would have pushed them ‘til they kept rolling down the foot of Mt. Tagapo. Hahaha, violent.

But seriously, could I really blame them for thinking such way? Maybe, it’s the commercialization of climbing that we should blame. Because most often, values and ethics are forgotten for business, for profit. (I leave this to experts for further discourse!)

Proudly RAK
And here comes the RAK difference because it is a non-profit organization. So to successfully mount our first climb for 2017 at Mt. Tagapo, I feel optimistic and enthusiastic for a better year.

Funny, I speak about the group as if I’ve been part of it for so long when in reality, I only joined during the second half of 2016. Well, the truth is, I’ve been meaning to serve fellow Filipinos beyond writing and through actions. This, I found in RAK.

Today, I am thoroughly involved with the group’s doings. So much so that it was me who picked Mt. Tagapo for our opening climb. Hehehe. For that, I also served as assistant team leader (more like secretary to the team leader, haha. Pwede rin akala team leader, ATL for short.)

We were able to invite over 30 participants composed of RAK members, guests, and three children—one happy, bunch altogether.

Our climb in photos:

Arrival at Brgy. Janosa in Talim Island, the jump off point for Mt. Tagapo. The barangay is part of Binangonan, Rizal.

Group photo after the first BMC lecture
Into the bamboo forest
Just taking in the views
RAK mascots Rick, Alex and Kris with muse Minnie Mouse
Our resident bully, who is actually a teacher, with his students
With my favorite Ate in the group
Amidst the dancing bushes
 Meet our very own Tabon Man (LOL). Sir Rick is actually explaining how to mark a road as the "wrong way" along the trail. 

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