Toilets Never Looked this Appetizing

ADMITTEDLY inspired by the Modern Toilet of the bustling Ximending in Taipei City, Boracay Toilet manages to live up to its “not-so-original” theme by serving no-frills-just-good food.

With toilets for chairs and plates amidst a colorful interior, Boracay Toilet is still a newbie among the island’s ever-growing dining destinations. But since opening in 2015, it has since become one of the most curious choices especially for return tourists.

Thankfully, the restaurant is able to exceed expectations as proven by yours truly in a recent visit to the island as part of a media familiarization trip care of 2Go Travel.

Media friends can’t stop taking photos
While the plates mimicking bathroom fixtures like PVC pipe, toilet, bath tub, and even a urinal do take much of the diners’ attentions (to the point that half of the time spent at the restaurant would be spent in picture taking), it was still the food that really stood out for me. Boracay Toilet serves Filipino favorites and western dishes that are packed with flavors!  

Toilets for chairs and even plates
Start off your culinary journey with Buffalo Wee-Weengs (yes, buffalo wings), a best seller for its right amount of spice. Other appetizers include nachos, cheese sticks, fried spring rolls, and chicken fingers.

Shit this sisig is the bomb (no, not that kind of bomb) (P279)
Then on to the main dishes that are meant for rice lovers—well who doesn’t? A favorite of mine is everyone’s favorite too, the pork sisig, or as Boracay toilet named it, Shit-sig! Well, shit because it’s the bomb (pun intended), the kind you want to savor with beer.

A platter of crispy seafood (P490)
I also enjoyed seafood platter of crispy calamari, fried fish fillet, and deep-fried shrimp that comes with honey mustard, marinara and garlic mayonnaise sauces. A filling dish was the saucy kaldereta with beef tenderized the way it should be.

Tender and saucy beef kaldereta (P380)
Eye-catching choices in the menu include Chicken Crap (chicken curry), Inihaw na Liem-Poop (roasted liempo), Kare-Kadiri (kare-kare), Seafood Teri-Yucky (seafood teriyaki), and Peenakbet (pinakbet).

The restaurant also prepares snacks like pizzas, sandwiches, and pastas, as well as beverages like iced tea, wines and beer. But save room for dessert because there’s the classic turon and halo-halo!

Going to the toilet has never been this appetizing!

Vandalized walls just like in public comfort rooms
Can't go down the drain
Be very mindful where you pee…
Located along Boracay Main Road, Boracay Toilet operates from 11 am to 10 pm. Follow it on Facebook.


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