Capturing the Best Moments at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

MOST iPhone users have shared this frustration: their most-beloved, most-trusted and most-utilized smartphones delivering everything it should but at one point, somehow, just running out of space!

Those days are over for there is now a solution to this universal dilemma thanks to a Taiwanese company that developed on-the-go (OTG) storage units meant especially for your Apple mobile devices.

It was in 2013 that technology innovator Adam elements launched its first generation OTG drive called iKlips, which was quickly sought after by iPhone users around the globe. A success story, the company has further expanded its product portfolio in smart mobile lifestyle accessories, as well as smart health products.

This year, Adam elements aims to reach out to more markets to provide its storage solutions to more consumers. And fortunately for Filipinos, the Philippines is included in its expansion plans.

The opening day of the 21st Hot Air Balloon Fiesta served as the perfect venue to introduce Adam element’s amazing products to Filipinos

Capturing the best moments

In partnership with distributor Power Mac Center, Adam elements brought print and online media representatives, TJPh included, to the opening of Pampanga’s Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on February 9. There, the company provided each media attendee an iKlips to be used at Day 1 of the festival, which marked its 21st edition at the Clark fields.

The Philippine flag flies high above the sky as people bellow sing the the national anthem
The annual festival’s spectacular views of hot air balloon flying, aerobatic exhibitions, formation flying, radio-controlled aircraft flying, paragliding, skydiving, and dozens of on-ground activities served as the perfect backdrop to test the product’s capacity.

And to make the launch even more exciting a photo contest was held among the participants. Giving their best, everyone captured the “best moments” of the festival using their iPhones without ever worrying of running out of space.

Gigantic balloons come in different colors, shapes, sizes and forms just like the iconic Coke bottle
Scenes captured were the giant balloons being inflated meticulously by the experts, as well as the balloons' calculated lift off, until finally, they soar high, being swept by the southward winds. The result, a mirage of colors, shapes, sizes dotting the morning, blue sky. Unique balloons came in the form Coke bottle, Yoga’s head, and a Swedish castle.

Now, mobile photography has no limit!

Premium products unveiled

After the exciting morning at the hot air balloon grounds, the launch proper took place at the Quest Hotel where an exhibit of contest photos was also arranged.

Adam elements Worldwide Sales Manager Angela Chen during the product presentation (Photo from Power Mac Center)
Presenting Adam element’s best-selling products, as well as announcing its upcoming ones was Worldwide Sales Manager Angela Chen. She flew in from Taiwan just for the event with Chief Marketing Officer Cheisy Ho.

Flagship products iKlips Duo and iKlips Duo+ were first in line. According to Chen, these portable storage devices allow users to back up, manage and share files—like photos from travel adventures—effortlessly. Available sizes are 32GB and 64GB. They can also be used to view photos and documents, and playback music, TV series, and movies, with AirPlay support.

Portable storage devices for backing up, managing and sharing files effortlessly
Just install the iKlips app and your good to go. The app also integrates Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well, and a new Power Sort and Search feature, among others.

Besides its portability and functionality, iKlips Duo and iKlips Duo+ also come in sleek designs and stylish colors of Grey, Black, Gold, Brown, and Rose Gold.

The PeAk lighting cables made of high quality
nylon fiber with metallic braiding
Also presented were Apple MFi certified PeAk Cable line made for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and CASA USB Type-C line of cables and adapters perfect for the new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel 2.

Under the health management line, there’s the BF1 Body Fat Analyzer, a digital scale that gives accurate weight readings and information on your body mass index, body fat, muscle, and bone mass, body water, and basal metabolic rate; the smart and portable BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor, and the digital EF1 Infrared Ear & Forehead Thermometer. All three devices connect to the free GoHealthy mobile app.

The smart and portable BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor

Finally, watch out for upcoming products including the Meka 360 Cam, and Darth Vader iOS card reader!

“Adam elements does not offer only premium products but also unified solutions for mobile devices, vehicles, and even households,” concluded Chen.

For more information, visit or For products availability and prices, drop by Power Mac Center branch near you.


In Photos: 21st Hot Air Balloon Fiesta of Pampanga

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