Ilocanos go to Bohol

THIS might be a long overdue post but still, I would love to share because it’s something personal and special. It features no less than my very own family during our vacation in Bohol last year!

It was definitely memorable because it’s our first time to travel together by air, to southern Philippines, noting that we hail from the northern part of the country. It became even more unforgettable when on our last day, we had to rush Mama to the hospital. Nothing to worry for it was just her regular bout with gastritis—only more extreme—which thank God, we all managed to get through as one.

That over, let’s look back at our wonderful photos from the trip:

The Countryside

If you managed to book a morning flight, it’s best to embark on a countryside tour of Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol, to maximize the day. That we did so our first order of business, lunch! And we did at the best possible place, the Loboc River, via the best possible way, a cruise.

Our Loboc River floating restaurant with a buffet style dining. While food could be so much better, the fresh air and the ambiance made up for it.
Once our tummies were filled, picture taking followed next.
 But wait there’s more! On the way back, Loboc River Cruise tourists also got to enjoy traditional song and dance numbers from the locals. With special participation from Papa!
It was actually already my third time in Bohol already but the manmade Mahogany Forest never fails to enchant me. I became gladder that the family loved it as I did.

Why be serious when life can be so much fun?
Pose pa more!
And because the tour involved the parents, who were not so energetic and enthusiastic for too much movement, our last stop for the tour was the Chocolate Hills. Of course, our hired tour guide brought us to the popular viewing deck of Carmen.

All smiles even after the tiring flight up the stairs.

Henann Hotel

After the short tour, off we drove to our home for the next three days, Henann Resort Alona Beach Bohol in Panglao Island. A property of the Henann Group, renowned for their developments in the island of Boracay, the hotel was spanking new and big! It had everything you’ll ever need for a most wonderful stay, from the spacious rooms to the many pools, to a big breakfast buffet. Also, big shout out to the caring staff that helped us bring Mama to the hospital!

That is why, we heart Henann!
Turista hits
Eating, swimming, posing, repeat.

Alona Beach

Being the bum that I am, I was so happy that Henann resort had its very own beachfront along Alona Beach, dubbed the Boracay of Bohol because of its strip of white sand with restaurants and resorts—but not as crowded and developed yet.

Another plus for me was the fact that just beside Henann was the Bohol Bee Farm mini-store selling the resort’s famous homemade ice cream. My favorite flavor, avocado! It’s the best I’d tasted so far. There is also ube, another favorite of mine. So, I was totally content to devote two full days just at the resort.

Padaan lang!
The parents just passing time.
Another good thing about Alona Beach was that if you walk inland, there are different establishments for retail and food to choose from.

Just like this authentic Italian pizzeria along the highway
Until the next Valdez Family adventure! 

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