Loving, losing and looking in ‘Sakaling Hindi Makarating’

 “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. . .”

A GOOD friend has given me this adage to describe Sakaling Hindi Makarating, an award-winning, Cinefilipino-produced indie that is currently showing in cinemas in time for month of love.

Yes, it is a beautiful—and painful—film about love, but even more beautiful because it is also a film set in the most picturesque provinces of the Philippines.

The directorial debut of Ice Idanan, Sakaling Hindi Makarating stars the brilliant Alessandara de Rossi in the lead role of Cielo who finds herself in limbo after an 11-year relationship went “down the drain.”

After her 11-year relationship ends, Cielo, portrayed by the  brilliant Alessandra de Rossi, finds herself searching for a mysterious postcard sender called "M"
Mysteriously though, Cielo or “C” also starts receiving postcards with hand-written letters from “M.” Each time, a colorful landscape of the Philippines hand-painted on the cover. 

Thanks to encouragement of her overly concerned—perhaps “infatuated”—neighbor Paul (the wonderful Pepe Herrera), Cielo takes on each destination as a lead to where M is. So she embarks on this great search that took her from south to north of the country. Along the way, she meets the most generous Filipinos, and towards the end, also finds herself more than anything else.

But before I start talking too much about the film—it’s definitely for you to discover—let me instead share the five provinces significant to Cielo’s journeys. Each one, a traveler’s dream destination.


Often depicted in the news as a place of war and conflict, Zamboanga is so much more than this. Culturally, it is where to the most vibrant vintas sails, which Cielo appreciates in Vinta Regatta.


Known—and sometimes feared—as a mystical land, Siquijor proves to be equally majestic. Cielo continues her journey here by learning how to ride a motorcycle.


In the home of the Moriones, Cielo meets Manuel played by JC Santos. Can he be M? C soon finds out while trying to carve a morion, a tradition preserved in the town of Mogpog.

Ilocos Norte

At the northernmost province of Ilocos Region, the protagonist finds herself in the coast of Pagudpud. By the seaside, she indulges in a moment of frustration, the setting sun in the backdrop.


Without a doubt, Batanes is one of the most coveted unspoiled and natural destination in the whole of the country. Here, Cielo meets Sol, a young girl who is also in search of someone special. 

Ikaw, nakarating ka na ba? If not yet, catch Sakaling Hindi Marating while it is still showing! 

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